Friday, April 27, 2012

Boulder Loop Trail April 15

The man on the top of the mountain did not fall there. ~ Chinese Proverb

On April 15 we decided to hike Boulder Loop trail in Conway NH.  I've hiked this loop before and I don't remember which direction I went, but this time I hiked it in a clockwise direction.  I thought it proved to be a good choice.  This is a nice trail which takes you past some interesting "boulders" on the way up.

Hiking in this direction the first set of ledges we came to gave us nice views of the Swift River and the highway below as well as some of the surrounding mountains.

Continuing up the trail becomes steeper as you approach the highest ledge.  Once you arrive you are rewarded with fabulous views. 

Continuing in a clockwise direction the first part of the descent after the ledge is rather steep and rocky for a bit.  Then the trail continues down on a nice sloping descent and eventually returns you to your starting point.  While this is considered a "short" loop at only 3 miles long, it is one that, in my opinion, offers a nice reward from the top.

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