Friday, August 5, 2011

What If...

what if no one cares
do your thoughts even matter?
what about feelings?

Giving Notice

giving my notice
sick and tired of my job
OH Wait! This is life...


Cupid takes his aim
looks for unsuspecting fool
clear shot to my heart

Grain of Salt

grain of salt needed
every story has ten sides
and that's a slow day

Proper Young Women

proper young women
men always claim to like them
but never date them


complain all you want
weather cares not what you say
it pays you no mind

Confession or Cognac

can't remember which...
confession is good for soul
or is it cognac?

Neighbor's Music

Dear Neighbor next door
your music is horrendous
why play it so loud?

Behind My House

boys behind my house
shootin' bull and drinkin' booze
under twenty-one


buzzwords all the rage
intelligence not needed
impress everyone

World Markets

world markets crashing
media reports the news
working poor trudge on


maximum feeling
syllabic limitation
poet's quandary

Old Heart, New Game

dust off my old heart
deal me in on a new game
hope it's a thriller

Delivering Babies

doctor gets credit
claims he delivered baby
but who did the work?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rapture Billboards

large rapture billboards
proved to be poor use of funds
wish they had fed poor

Rapture Van

used van, low mileage
rapture propaganda paint
willing to sell cheap


no rapture in May
little miscalculation
sure complicates things


should have known sooner
intelligence can't be bought
would have skipped college


Dear Neighbor next door
you are forty years past prime
please put on your shirt

Loud Music

Dear Man in next car
loud music just isn't cool
when you are sixty

Work or Wish?

from my perspective
true love is more work than wish
plus self sacrifice

Rusty Coins

once tossed with great hope
rusty coins in dried up wells
graveyard of wishes

Madness versus Hope

madness versus hope
a lifelong tightrope journey
I fear there's no end

Behind the Wood Shed

behind the wood shed
smokin' or makin' whoopie
between chores

One Step at a Time

one step at a time
that describes my life story
shame mine go backwards

Smallest of Missteps

smallest of missteps
heart slips off precipice edge
rock filled gorge below

Monday, August 1, 2011

True Faith

faith worked out in deeds
this is by no means a myth
unconfined freedom

Doing Good

"do good to all men"
not confined to those of faith
timeless instruction

Debt Ceiling Deal

a debt ceiling deal
one step forward, two steps back
disaster pending

Debt Ceiling Debate

"experts" one and all
but all opinions differ
debt ceiling debate